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  • Shorter Intervals Between Meals Linked to Higher Mortality
    el diciembre 1, 2022 a las 4:55 pm

    Eating after an interval of 4.5 hours or less was associated with higher overall mortality than leaving a longer gap, while eating one meal a day, compared with three, was also linked to higher mortality. Medscape Medical News

  • Shorter Fever Prevention Duration Effective After Cardiac Arrest
    el diciembre 1, 2022 a las 3:32 pm

    Results from the BOX randomized trial show no difference in outcomes with 36 vs 72 hours of cooling, and challenge current guidelines for fever prevention after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Medscape Medical News

  • Move Faster, Live Longer? A Little More Effort Goes a Long Way
    el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 9:47 pm

    Move Faster, Live Longer? A Little More Effort Goes a Long Way WebMD Health News

  • Is Finding and Fixing Iron Deficiency in HF Beneficial?
    el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 4:47 pm

    Ileana Piña interviews Paul Kalra about the IRONMAN trial from the American Heart Association which randomized HF patients with iron deficiency to IV ferric derisomaltose repletion or no infusions. theheart.org on Medscape

  • Pregnancy Not a Barrier to Interventional Cardiology Career
    el noviembre 29, 2022 a las 8:34 pm

    A new European position paper concludes that a fetus is not at risk at commonly used radiation doses and urges safety requirements "for everyone." Medscape Medical News

  • Adding Salt to Food Linked to Higher CVD Risk
    el noviembre 29, 2022 a las 4:37 pm

    A lower frequency of adding salt to food is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly heart failure and ischemic heart disease, a new study has found. Medscape Medical News

  • AFib Risk Rises as A1c Increases
    el noviembre 29, 2022 a las 2:59 pm

    A1c levels that ranged from normoglycemia to diabetes linked with a stepwise increasing rate of incident atrial fibrillation in a study of nearly 355,000 Danish residents. First Look

  • Late, Post-COVID Cardiac Dysfunction Linked to Preexisting CAD
    el noviembre 29, 2022 a las 1:20 am

    A history of coronary disease predicted reduced left ventricular myocardial strain 3 months after a COVID hospitalization in what may be the first such study to explore the issue. First Look

  • Indobufen Noninferior to Aspirin for DAPT After PCI: OPTION
    el noviembre 28, 2022 a las 10:49 pm

    Antiplatelet agent indobufen was noninferior to aspirin in combination with clopidogrel after coronary intervention on both efficacy and safety outcomes, with less mostly minor bleeding. Medscape Medical News

  • Persistent Asthma Linked to Higher Carotid Plaque Burden
    el noviembre 28, 2022 a las 9:12 pm

    Persistent asthma is associated with more carotid plaque and higher levels of inflammation, making patients vulnerable to later cardiovascular events. Medscape Medical News

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